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Farmer's Hive

Farmer's Hive brings valuable insights into your farming as part of the unique solution, saving farmers time and money while utilizing resources more efficiently. Built on in-person customer interviews with major farms in British Columbia, Canada our design allows remote monitoring of farm assets in real time. Our solution is ready to help with monitoring assets, soil moisture, temperature, humidity, and various other sensor data, offering another tool for the farmer to make informed decisions.

Our solution utilizes wireless sensors to collect and store data in warehouses for the purposes of analysis and predictions. Farmers can analyse the historical data gathered in order to better prepare for the future while recording an accurate digital template of passed seasons.

One of the use cases of our solution is to monitor greenhouses by recording climate readings such as humidity, temperature, sunlight, as well as the concentration of CO2 and O3 gases. Electronic records of plant data are held in our database so that the farmer can access a detailed history revealing the exact conditions used to produce an ideal yield.

Another key use case includes vehicular asset monitoring including the tracking of geolocation, working hours, and cost data such as repairs, insurance, and fuel. This provides the farmer with a detailed breakdown of the assets efficiency in order to optimize use and ensure profit margins.

Through our web and app-based solutions, farmers can eliminate the need for physical checks of assets such as silos, cold-storerooms, and other storage facilities by remote monitoring. Our solution proactively responds when gathered data exceeds thresholds. Eg. when the temperature of the cold-storeroom becomes problematic.


We have a unique competitive advantage in the market as our platform is customizable to suit the specific needs of farms. We provide personalized support throughout the setup process.


Farm customization is achieved through easy integration with third party systems via our standardized REST API. Further customization can be achieved through our marketplace connecting third party developers to farmers.


Collaboration between developers and farmers can be further encouraged through forums and an online community surrounding the platform.


Considering cost as a major factor, we offer a wider variety of infrastructure in order to build the most appropriate solutions for individual farmers. Our selected technical infrastructure is not reliant on existing services such as cellular signal. Connectivity can be established through 4G LTE-M, Wi-Fi, or LoRaWAN networks. This provides an inexpensive way of connecting wireless sensors even in areas with no mobile network coverage.


The marketplace represents an ecosystem that allows third parties to develop add-ons on our Farmer's Hive platform. It creates a scalable opportunity for individuals and companies to use their expertise to develop solutions for farmers in their region or globally.

LoRaWAN networks

We build LoRaWAN networks as part of our solution which includes access to the Farmer's Hive application. This allows farmers to deploy wireless sensors in the most efficient manner available. Farmer's Hive is ready to grow alongside the future of agriculture, by providing new tools enabling farmers to make informed decisions to improve efficiency, sustainable growth, and waste reduction.

Available components of the Farmer's Hive

Remote monitoring

Regular farming activities such as physical checks of assets such as silos, cold-storerooms and other storage facilities can be eliminated and remotely done using our solution. Using our application, the farmer can check the temperature and humidity readings of his cold-storeroom to ensure they are within desired range, the level of silage in a silo to know if he is running out of stock, and soil moisture level on his field to determine the amount water needed for irrigation.

UCW Smart Farming - Remote monitoring

UCW Smart Farming - Asset management

Asset/Fleet tracking

Our smart farming solution helps the farmer know the location of his assets and livestock in real time, and can keep records of working hours of such assets. This is relevant when vehicular assets are leased or taken out of the farmer's premises. This service gives the farmer comfort in knowing the location of his assets at any time, and how efficiently the asset is being utilized. This is achieved by using GPS enabled sensors to provide geolocation information of the asset.

Cost monitoring

The cost of maintaining farm assets can be recorded and monitored using our solution. Some of the cost components are fixed; such as depreciation and insurance, while others are variable. A major variable component is the fuel cost for vehicular assets like tractors. Our solution displays the various cost components as a pie-chart for the farmer.

UCW Smart Farming - Cost monitoring

UCW Smart Farming - Greenhouse management

Greenhouse management

We help you monitor your greenhouse by measuring climatic quantities such as humidity, temperature and sunlight, as well as the concentration of CO2 and O3 gases. Electronic records of plants are maintained using our database so the farmer can retrieve at anytime the history of the desired plant.

We are bringing innovative solutions to Agritech

UCW Labs has the platform for farmers to collect data - to provide analytics for forward thinking, making individual advances in their own field of Agriculture. Like asset management, where the farmer can track their machines - recording fuel usage, time, depreciation, repairs and much more - Tracking of LiveStock removing the guesswork in locating each individual animal - Recording the measurements of light, temperature and soil moisture providing an accurate template to produce the best yield.

We have established a number of areas like this on the farm, where efficiency is key to the bottom line equalling Time & Money. Our team provides an accurate understanding of where this bottom line begins through factual data collection. Presenting the LTE-M network & LoRaWAN gateway connecting recorded data from different areas of the farm depicted to a shared application - producing analytics and performance charts, instantly. In addition we provide a shared chat for users to work smarter together.

Farmer's Hive - Sensor Nodes

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